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LA Architecture 101


Brush up on your LA architecture knowledge with this great article from Curbed that  breaks it ALL down! I love this article because its super informative not only on the common styles like Craftsman or Spanish Revival but sheds light on more obscure styles like Googie and Churrigueresque



Best Roof Top Bars in LA!


Nothing says a summer night like a long and warm sunset paired with yummy cocktails and Views.. Views.. Views 

'Time Out LA' has compiled a great list of places to kick back and enjoy the sunset

On the list, my favorites are High Rooftop Lounge at the Hotel Erwin. It's my go to with anyone visiting from out of town. The NoMad Downtown after a day of cruising the city streets & the rooftop at Mama Shelter in Hollywood



Neighborhood Profile: Eagle Rock


One of the best parts my career is my constant exposure to different parts of the city. I track the "hubs" and "pockets" of LA because they are always changing and expanding and I enjoy understanding the nuances of different neighborhoods so I can better understand what's happening there to better advise my clients... plus I love good coffee.. good food.. good places to work-out and shop so it is really not that tough!

This month I wanted to do a feature on Eagle Rock. I especially love this neighborhood because I currently live here and have for the last 7 years, and in that time I've seen such an incredible amount of growth.

Colorado Blvd. is the main hub and the neighborhood streets are beautiful and tree-lined. Loads of cool places to go, notably Found Coffee, Milk Farm, Pie-N-Cone and Madre: Yoga-General Store and Canteen

Click here for more great things about Eagle Rock


June Events in LA


Gearing up to kick start the summer.. Sure you can always hit the beach but here are a list of some of the really fun things to do in LA next month from concerts to wine festivals there is something for everyone.

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A Step in the Right Direction


It makes total sense! We are fortunate to have sunshine nearly all year round so California just passed a new law mandating all new homes built after 2020 have to have solar panels

Right now, about one in five new homes in California comes with solar panels already installed. In two years, it will be all of them. This may affect the housing market in the short term but becoming more proactive about our renewable energy source has a undisputable greater long term advantage.

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How well do you know LA?


Read the article here

Curbed LA has a great article with some of the most significant fun historical facts about this amazing city we call home. 

Some of them I knew.. how the the Hollywood sign used to read Hollywoodland as a way to advertise housing in Beachwood Canyon, but some I had no idea about like "the street car consipercy" and the "dark history of Dodgers Stadium. 

Pretty interesting stuff!!


Millennials will spend 45% of income on rent before age 30


Anyone living in LA knows how expensive the rents are becoming. With nearly 2% vacancy rates (which is basically nothing) it is becoming increasingly hard for Millennials to get ahead financially.  With that said, the most important phrase I find in this article is this...

" a survey from Zillow shows that while mortgage payments are more affordable on average than monthly rent payments, renters are struggling to buy a home due to perceived down-payment barriers." 

I find this true within my own experiences with clients but I'm also a believer that with the right guidance and information there is always a solution to a hurdle.

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FrogTown: A Creative Haven and Great Place to Live



An article in this weeks LA Times showcases a few of the gems in 'Frog Town.' If you don't know about this pocket its actually in the Elysian Valley just North of Silverlake and ever so RAD!

It's an interesting mix of industrial spaces, bars, restaurants, coffeeshops and retail with residential living peppered throughout, that has taken on a harmony, with the perfect balance of cool and grit.

A few of who's there:

Salazar : Mexican Restaurant with really amazing outdoor seating

Dekor Warehouse: An incredible space for home decor

Spoke Bicycle Cafe: A good coffee and cyclist hang out

Kelly Lamb Studios: A local and very celebrated artist and designer

Wax Paper Sandwiches: Possibly the best sandwiches in town

Zebulon: A bar and live music venue for late night shinanagans

One Shot at a First Impression


When I meet with clients about selling their home there usually is a lengthy discussion about how to get it ready for market and create optimal interest. 

It is one of the most important services I provide my clients and one of the most strategic factors of a successful sale. I really enjoyed this article in "Realtor" that showcases 7 steps to maximize your sale.

Stock Market and Real Estate


Click here to read the article.

With the recent drop in the stock market... there is new uncertainty about how that will affect mortgage interest rates and housing prices.  Although "interest rate increases" have been hovering like a dark cloud for months this article in "Market Watch" helps to shed some light on what could really be going on and how quickly we can expect significant changes.

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LA's Neighborhoods and Coffee

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.55.36 PM.png

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One of the the first things people are drawn to about an "up and coming" neighborhood is the local craft coffee shop. Neighborhoods can become instantly "cool" with the right place to grab a cup, people watch, or work on their laptops. 

THRILLIST has compiled a great list of places all around town, and as a coffee fiend myself I've been to many and love them all. 

Love this city... and its coffee!


What's In Store for 2018


With the first month of 2018 nearly at an end, the projections for the next 11 months seem to remain hard to gauge. In Forbes there is a great article that helps to shed some light on things to come. If you’re thinking of buying, selling or renting this might help to clarify how the  future market might impact you.

  1. “The pace of sales will slow in the year-but not for long”
  2. “Inventory will continue to be a drag”
  3. “Price growth will slow... but not stop”
  4. “The rent vs. buy equation could tilt toward renting in costly markets"
  5. “Mortgage rates will hover around 4%”
  6. “Millennial demand for housing will keep climbing”

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5 First-Time Homebuyer Options


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If you think you may not be in the financial position to buy a home one of these programs may make it possible. Curbed LA has done the leg work to help explain some of the great loan options for first time homebuyers.

I'd be happy to offer a complimentary consultation anytime.         -Kat 

Thanksgiving in LA


Although I love a big turkey meal followed by long afternoon naps our city has some really great things to do over the weekend. Here is a list of some of the events to check out.


Wishing you a very happy thanksgiving!!  


Renting vs. Buying


I posted this article a few years ago, but I think it's an incredible resource for people that may be trying to gauge whether it's better to rent or buy.

Rent prices are continuing to rise in LA and mortgage interest rates - although on the rise - are still relatively low. If you have to pay to live anyway, I'm of the belief it's better to pay into something that is yours.

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Summer is here!!


We live in an amazing city! CurbedLA has done the research on some great FREE weekly events across the city. Concerts, movies and markets to start off the list. Enjoy the sunshine and the warm summer nights!

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